Can I recycle that? Common Items that are NOT recyclable

As always, when looking to see if we accept certain items or not, please be sure to consult your area location page.

Accepted and Not Accepted items are determined by what your Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) will and will not take. This is not to say that some of these common items are not recyclable at all, just generally not accepted with curbside recycling. We are developing a hard-to-recycle items program called Recyclops+ that is currently available in select areas. Here is a general list of items that are not accepted in most areas:


    • Clamshell Containers i.e. produce containers, takeout containers, etc. 
    • Plastic Bags (return to grocery store)grocery (1)freezerbag
    • Clingwrap/Plastic Wrap/Bubble Wrap (return to grocery store)
    • Plastic Coverings/Thin Film Plastics (return to grocery store)
    • Plastic Mailers/Envelopes
    • Clothing Hangers
    • Coffee pods or K-cups    
    • Candy & Snack Wrappers
    • Plastic Car & Electronic Parts
    • PVC Pipe
    • Large and irregular plastics i.e. children's toys, flower pots, playground equipment
    • Plastic Pens
    • Plastic Utensils & Dishware


    • Shredded Papercoffeecup
    • Paper Dishware & Towels
    • Waxed Paper Items & Cartonscarton
    • Tetra packs i.e. juice boxes, almond milk, soy milk, etc.
    • Shiny/Metallic/High Gloss Wrapping Paper
    • Tissues, Toilet Paper, Sanitary Products, & Diapers
    • Outer coverings on Hard Cover Books (recycle the pages, leave the cover off)


    • Batteries
    • Paint Cans 
    • Clothing Hangers
    • Electronic Items i.e. cell phones, computers, speakers, calculators, etc.batterypaint
    • Metal Car Parts 
    • Aluminum Foil & Pie Tins
    • Generic Scrap Metal 
    • Metal Hardware i.e. screws, nuts, bolts, drill bits
    • Needles, Knives, Razors/Blades, & Other Sharp Metal Objects
    • Firearmspietin-30
    • Fuel & Helium Tanks of any kind
    • Metal Jewelry Items
    • Curtain Rods
    • Metal Desks, Filing Cabinets, & Other Furniture


      • Pizza Boxes with heavy grease/food residue 
      • Waxed Paperboard Containers i.e. milk cartons, juice cartons, etc.
      • Dirty or otherwise contaminated cardboard

    Glass (with subscription):

      • Borosilicate treated glass (Pyrex and other heat treated glass)
      • Ceramic items & Dishwareicons2-43
      • Eyeglasses 
      • Terracotta Plant Pots
      • Windshieldsicons-69
      • Glass Windowpanes
      • Mirrors 
      • Lightbulbs
      • Broken glass


      • Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam items, packing peanuts, etc.)
      • Liquids of any kind
      • Hazardous chemicals, insecticides, aerosols, & fluids 
      • Motor oil 
      • Paint
      • Tires, Rubber & Silicone items
      • Any & All Musical Instrumentsfoodwaste-05
      • Textiles i.e. clothes, shoes, blankets, curtains, pillows, etc. 
      • Furniture Items i.e. chairs, mattresses, nightstands, dressers, etc. 
      • Concrete, Tar, & Asphalt 
      • Organic materials i.e. food, soil, tree branches, leaves, wood pallets, etc. 
      • Biohazard materials i.e. human & animal excrement, any bodily fluids, deceased animals, etc. 

    MurphBag-01-1rollingbin3 (1)

    When in doubt, throw it out! If an item is not listed here and you are unsure if it is recyclable with us or not, please contact us here