I received a reschedule email, but also a text confirming my pickup. Which is correct?

At Recyclops, we work with another company called Recollect, to produce the pickup schedule calendars and the waste wizard. With Recollect, you have the option to set up email, phone call, or text reminders of your pickup at any requested time (we recommend setting up reminders for the night before). 

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On occasion, a pickup will be rescheduled for various reasons, or worst case scenario be cancelled, and you will be informed via email and text of this change. Now, we understand that those signed up for reminders, and for the email updates, there can be a confusing overlap when you receive a reschedule email, and then another notification of your pickup commencing as is. We are here to tell you which email to follow: the reschedule email.

We advise you to follow the reschedule email as it will have the most up to date information regarding your pickup. The email/text/phone reminders are set up on an automation and will follow your current pickup schedule as is, not accounting for sudden reschedules or changes of pickup.