Why can't I use my own bags?

Using bags is an integral part of our policy as bagging the recyclables helps cut down on the cross-contamination that often happens with recycling collection. Our bags are made of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). This means that our bags are made from a uniform material whereas typical kitchen bags are not and the brighter coloring makes them easily recognizable at MRFs. 

We have recently partnered with Glad and created a whole new Recyclops bag! Using Glad's ForceFlex technology, this new bag is much stronger than our previous bags all while using less plastic to make them! And the best part.......they are recyclable too! These bags are sent back to Glad to be recycled and remade into new bags. Check out our partnership here!

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This article does not apply to Wasatch County, UT customers as your area does not require the use of the teal/blue Recyclops bags for the mixed recycling.