How to Recycle: Glass

As always, when looking to see if we accept certain items or not, please be sure to consult your area location page.

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Accepted and Not Accepted items are determined by what your Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) will and will not take. This is not to say that some of these common items are not recyclable at all, just generally not accepted with curbside recycling. We are developing a hard-to-recycle items program called Recyclops+ that is currently available in select areas. Here is a general list of glass items that are accepted in most areas:

  • Wine/Beer/Spirits Bottles 
  • Glass Bottles for other drinks i.e. juice, soda, water, etc. 
  • Food Glass Jars 
    • Pickle Jars 
    • Sauce Jars 
    • Olive Jars
  • Ball/Mason Jars
  • Glass Cosmetic Containers 

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Remove all lids for pickup. Please ensure that ALL GLASS ITEMS are clean, rinsed from food debris or other residue, separated in the yellow/green bags, and intact for pickup. No need to worry about the weight of the bags, or extra bagging. The glass bags are designed to handle the extra weight of the glass items. We recommend exercising care when placing items out for pickup so as to keep the glass intact and reduce safety risks. 

Glass that is found to be broken and/or contaminated will not be collected as it poses a safety risk to the driver and sorters at the facilities. When in doubt, please check your area location page and list of unaccepted items to ensure if an item will be accepted or not.  

Pro Tips:

  • To save on using glass bags, we recommend waiting until your bag is full before setting it out for pickup. 
  • Re-use glass items for storing leftover food, miscellaneous items, or crafting!