If an item has the recycle symbol on it, can I recycle it with you?

Not necessarily! The unfortunate reality behind the well-known recycle triangle symbol: just because it has the symbol, does not mean that it is recyclable. The numbers inside the triangle are only there to indicate the resin identifier code, which means they tell us what kind of plastic it is and the material it is made from. Unfortunately, not all of these materials can be recycled. Even then, if they can be recycled, there is the added difficulty of finding a facility that accepts and will recycle those items. 

At Recyclops, we typically only accept plastic numbers 1 and 2 as they are the most common, the easiest type to recycle, and the most accepted at MRFs. In some of our areas, we do accept a wider range of plastics. Please be sure to check your area Waste Wizard and Location Page to see what your area can and cannot accept.  

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