My recycling was picked up but there were items left behind. What now?

Partial pickups typically occur when some of the recyclables are not in accordance with the following recycling guidelines:

    • Contamination and Unaccepted Items
    • Recycling not sorted (ex. glass in mixed recycling)
    • Items not bagged
    • Cardboard not broken down and flattened
    • Bags not tied off for pickup
    • Pickup exceeds the allotted size (without prior notification of larger pickup)
      • 4-5 bags
      • 8-10 large flattened cardboard

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If you have ensured that your items are in accordance with the above guidelines and your recyclables were left by mistake, please submit a customer support form here to notify the Customer Experience team. 

Please Note:

Casper, WY customers are required to sort materials by bin. Please do not use 13-gallon bags for your recyclables in this location. Wasatch County customers are not required to use the teal/blue bags for the mixed recycling and can use their own white/transparent 13-gallon bags.