Do I need to bag all recyclables?

Short answer: Yes, you need to bag all recyclables with the exception of larger corrugated cardboard items

All paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass (with subscription) items are to be clean, free from any residues, and bagged in the designated 13-gallon Recyclops bags (if required by your area). Paperboard-type products such as tissue/cereal/cracker boxes are to be bagged as well. The only items that are to be left outside of the bags are larger corrugated cardboard boxes. We ask that you break them down and stack them neatly beside or beneath your Recyclops bags or place them inside your Recyclops container (only in applicable areas). This helps reduce any confusion about items for collection and also helps our drivers collect the recycling efficiently. 

Items that are not bagged and tied will NOT be collected. Cardboard that is not broken down and flattened will NOT be collected. 


Please Note:

If you live in Casper, WY this article does not apply to you. We provide only carts in that location and request customers to sort their recyclables by the appropriate materials in the designated carts.