Are more bags delivered when my subscription renews? When will I receive my next yearly bag allotment?

Nope & Never!

Just kidding--Recyclops provides a complimentary yearly supply of bags to customers. In an effort to avoid unnecessary waste and excess supply, we kindly request that customers notify us when they start running low on their current bag allotment. This way, we can promptly send a fresh supply. It's important to note that bag usage varies from customer to customer, so we do NOT automatically deliver a new allotment upon subscription renewal. If you need to order more bags, simply fill out a support form and indicate the type of bags you require in the "Ticket Description" section.

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Please Note:

This article does not apply to Casper, WY customers as your location is "cart only". 

Wasatch County, UT customers are permitted to use other approved bags and are NOT required to use the blue Recyclops bags for mixed recycling items (yellow/green is required for glass).