Why am I receiving a tracking email? What is Cigo?

At Recyclops, we constantly strive to enhance your pickup experience. We understand that waiting for your pickup to be completed can sometimes be stressful, especially with our pickup window spanning from 10pm the night before to 7pm on the day of. To alleviate this anxiety, we have introduced a tracking feature for your pickups. Our state-of-the-art routing system, Cigo, enables you to conveniently track the driver's progress as they navigate through their route. This way, you can stay informed and have peace of mind knowing exactly when your pickup will be completed. 

Cigo Tracker Sample

Please Note:

On the lefthand corner, there is an option to rate your pickup experience, or leave a monetary tip for your driver. These features are completely voluntary and not required

This feature is NOT meant to be nor replace the pickup remindersIt is meant to enhance the pickup experience to be able to monitor the driver on route for anticipation of the pickup. If you wish to set up pickup reminders, follow the link above.

If choosing to leave a review of your pickup experience, please note that this is not to report missed pickups. If you have issues with your pickup, please contact our team here