Recycling Guidelines

Here at Recyclops, we want to do all that we can to increase efficiency and maximize the amount of items that can be recycled. A general list of guidelines are listed below to ensure that proper policy and procedure are being followed for pickups:
  • We accept paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and glass (with subscription) items. For a more in depth list of the specific items we accept, please consult your location page using the “Waste Wizard” option on the Recollect Calendar Here
  • Bag and tie your recyclables in the designated 13-gallon Recyclops bags
    • Teal: Paper, plastic, and aluminum/tin products
    • Yellow: Glass only (where we offer service)
  • Cardboard can be left outside of the bags, but must be broken down and flattened for collection.  
  • Clean all items and make sure they are free from food debris.
  • Recycling placed at curb for collection (unless specified differently by your area)
  • Collection Times are from 10pm the night before pickup to 7pm the day of pickup.

Any recyclables found to not be in accordance with the above guidelines will NOT be collected.

For Wasatch County, UT customers, the use of the teal bags for mixed recycling are not required. For Casper, WY customers, the use of bags are not required as your location is "cart only"